2015: Our New Home

Asheville, North Carolina

About a month ago we moved into a new space. My brother got a job in Asheville and we all decided to get a house together. I love my brother and it's been so wonderful living together. People have given us weird looks because Nathan and I WANT to live with him. Family and community are so important to us. We've been out of town a lot since the move and are finally starting to to organize and decorate. We decided to keep only the things we love and buy things over time. Nathan also challenged me to only put my artwork and friends artwork on the walls.

Almost everything in the house is either a gift from friends, collected on the river by my grandma's house or found in antique stores. My desk was made by Nathan and his dad for our wedding. We sold all of them but one and have been waiting for a space big enough to use it. I'm also eager to find a space to put up my large easel for painting (also made by my father-in-law). The twigs woven into a wall piece with hanging beads was my flower girl basket from our wedding. I just took off the handle and attached some beads from a bracelet I got in 5th grade. The large sheepskin was a gift from my grandma from a trip she took to Australia many years ago. The old Singer sewing machine was a Christmas gift from my brother a few years ago. My desk chair is from a local antique store called Oddfellows. It was an old pub chair in England.  The painted rocks on our deck were made by a friend for our wedding.

Here are a few photos of the space.