What is your wedding style?

I consider my style candid yet refined. I prefer natural light and outdoor spaces for weddings. My style is very organic but I do enjoy playing with light and poses. I do not do well with strict timelines and a long list of photo requests. I like to create based on the mood of the space, your interactions, and the moments around me.

What is your portrait style?

Similar to weddings, although I love the flow of portrait sessions. My style is minimal, natural and calm. I sketch out ideas beforehand and play with light and our interactions together during our time. I like to experiment with architecture, shapes, color and emotion. Nothing is forced or artificial.

How do I reserve you for my date?

Let's meet in person first! I love connecting over tea and hearing your vision in person. I want to make sure we're a good fit together. Then, a signed contract and retainer fee officially reserve me on your date.

Do you use a flash?

I prefer events with bistro lighting and heaps of candles for that moody, calm vibe that flash ruins but I do have flash equipment to use if necessary. I enjoy helping you plan lighting so you can avoid the flash. I will give you a booklet of advice to use as you choose a venue suited for the best evening photos. If you choose a very dark venue requiring flash all day, I don't think we will be a good fit.


When will our photos be delivered?

I love editing and I deliver them quickly (I delivered my first wedding in 3 days because I was afraid I was taking too long, ha). You won't get them in 3 days but you will likely get them within 30 days of the wedding date. It sometimes takes 60 days or more for weddings between September and November since it's my crazy season. For portrait sessions, you will receive them within 1-3 weeks.

How many photos do you deliver?

It depends on the amount of coverage you choose, but I generally deliver between 250-500 final images. I focus more on quality over quantity and I deliver the photos I see as best examples of the day and your personalities. The number isn't strict though so if there are 510 perfect photos, you will receive those extra ten.

Can I choose which photos I receive?

I generally don't allow this for weddings. Part of hiring me is trusting my aesthetic and curating your story well. We will talk a lot before the wedding about how you like to be photographed so you don't need to worry. 

Do you offer a discount for weekdays? 

I am putting in equal effort and time as weekend weddings so I consider the investment equal. The same is true for weekday portrait sessions. I do love Monday weddings though! Anything out of the box makes me happy. Plus, venues are often much cheaper so it's worth considering.


Do you touch up all of the photos?

Yes! And I mean ALL. I edit every single photo in Lightroom and Photoshop (again, I enjoy editing). I don't want things to look fake though so all editing is tasteful and as natural as I can make them. 

What is your travel fee?

I charge 30 cents per mile outside of Asheville, NC and extra for airfare but I love to make travel fees work since I love to travel. Never worry about it being too much for you, we will make it work. 

Why don't you photograph church weddings?

I love the meaning of getting married in a church but the light is often dark and stained glass windows reflect unflattering tones on people. The photography rules are very strict which prevent me from taking the best photos and the rooms used for getting ready are often cluttered, dark and small. I much prefer spacious architecture and minimal spaces so the focus in the photos is happy people.

What are your wedding photo strengths?

 I'm drawn to a good invitation (again with the paper). I love capturing details like the rings, flowers, fabric and getting-ready photos. Couple's portraits are my favorite and I always want them to last longer. I also love little moments; the moments when you don't know a camera is capturing you. I'm inspired by first looks. It was my favorite part of my wedding day and I will try to convince you it will be the best part of yours too.  


What are your wedding photo weaknesses?

An even better question. Please ask this of every potential wedding photographer you meet. My weaknesses are being loud enough to gather large groups of people; I often need help with this. I am not the best at capturing guests or epic dance photos. If the after ceremony party, strobe lights, beer spraying on everyone, and crazy are what you are most excited about, we are most definitely not a good fit. 

Can you explain photo formatting? 

You want to use web-resolution (72 dpi) for Facebook, Instagram and blogs. You want to use high resolution (300 dpi and likely over 2500 pixels wide) for regular prints and the only time to use full resolution is for very large prints. 

Can you help me with wedding design?

Yes. Yes. I have as much fun with this as I do taking the photos. Design, lighting and colors are 99% of what makes good photographs. I give you a booklet of advice to use and you can ask as many questions as you want to. You will be so thankful you considered these aspects of wedding planning and you will love your final images even more. 

Can we be friends after working together?

Please! This is always my hope. I don't like being a vendor, I like being a loyal friend who captures you. I always photograph people better when they feel a friend connection to me and the entire experience is special for both of us.