Travel: Out West Part II



Capitol Reef
Bryce Canyon




This drive! It held the most beautiful colors I've ever seen.




Bryce is magic to us. We went here four years ago to visit our friend working in the park for a Summer and it was the first time we saw hoodoos, mesas, and desert beauty. We drove our 200,000-mile old Ford Taurus out there and expected to break down the entire time. I sat at this overlook drawing lips and noses for a drawing class and it's one of my favorite memories. 




I love this place. We went on a long hike and it felt fantastic after being in the car so long. We hiked to a baby slot canyon and met friendly people along the way. I bought a geology map of Zion and we identified different ages of rock layers (so fun). I loved seeing painters standing by the river with their easels and brushes. I could sit and watch them for hours.