Travel: Hawaii

The largest tree by diameter in the world ^

Yes, this is a REAL fish

Hawaii Day 4 (I didn't take photos day 3)


Maui is so different from Oahu. There are large mountains on the sides and then a valley in the middle full of sugarcane. It looks like New Zealand, actually. We went snorkeling in the morning near a crater about 45 minutes into the ocean. The crater didn't have anything on it except dirt and a huge flock of birds swirling around the top looking for fish. We learned that all white sand beaches are made up of parrotfish poop, ha. Are white sand beaches still romantic? The rest of the day was spent driving around on the road to Hana, a beautiful, windy road that circles around the majority of Maui. The roads are really narrow and people drive fast. One thing we learned while in Hawaii is that 'No Trespassing' signs don't mean anything (something I always love because it usually means the best photos). Locals would stop on the side of the street and jump from bridges into swimming holes. We then went to Lahaina, which is like a Charleston of Hawaii. The largest tree by diameter in the world lives there (photo above). It's crazy, the branches grow out and drop roots which allow the tree to spread without breaking off from being too heavy. I couldn't even take a photo of the entire thing. As we were driving back to the ship (and I had to pee like no ones business) we stopped to see the most beautiful sunset. I was running to catch the light, holding myself so I didn't pee my pants, and telling Nathan where to go like a crazy lady. I probably looked SO ridiculous, ha. It's all about the silly memories.