Travel: Hawaii


Hawaii day 6: The big island, Hilo

I was stoked about visiting the big island because of all the lava. We talked about the big island a lot in Geology so as the tour guide impressed us with his knowledge, I was wanting to finish his sentences like a kid. The earth is so stinkin' cool.  We walked through an old lava tube and learned about so many Hawaiian plants. The lava tubes are what magma/lava travelled through, usually down the mountain towards the ocean. Hilo still has regular volcanic activity and there's an area close by where you can see lava falling into the ocean (and at night, you can see it glow!).  

We went to a local coffee mill and learned about the coffee making process from the cutest lady. She had a crush on Nathan because he is a coffee nerd and also uses a burr grinder. She told us that picking the cherries off of the trees by hand once they're ripe is so important for good coffee and big companies don't do that. Big companies use machines that pick ripe and unripe cherries, then overload the beans with fake flavor to mask the lack of natural, good flavor. (I'm talking about your bad coffee, Starbucks). Hilo Coffee Mill also introduced us hippy- folk to natural macadamia nut butter (just macadamia nuts, agave syrup, and sea salt) and we've been eating it by the spoonful. They also have some of the best coffee we've ever had. You can look at their yummies here