Travel: Hawaii


Day 8,9 and 10: Kauai, Oahu, and airports

Before I even talk about Kauai, which was our favorite, I wanna talk about Ni'ihau, a private island near Kauai that is dedicated to keeping the old way of living. There are around 200 people on the island, they don't use electricity and transportation consists of walking, bikes, and horses. They even speak the old Hawaiian language. By old I mean the Hawaiian language that was used before white people came and gave them the alphabet with just twelve letters. Ni'ihau shells, which are the only ones of their kind found in the world, sell for thousands and thousands of dollars. We saw a necklace of the shells that was $12,000. Even though the island doesn't allow visitors, I am completely set on finding a way to visit. I am so intrigued.

We also went to Waimea Canyon in Kauai which looks like the Grand Canyon but with more colors. It. was. huge. A helicopter flew through the middle and it looked like a piece of dust. Nathan and I went swimming at a beach that is our new favorite swim spot and a guy asked us if we wanted to take a ride on his sailboat. I was singing Brooke Fraser in my head while we sailed through the harbor. The guy said he does competitions where he sails across the sea and tries to break records. I imagine sleeping on a tiny sailboat in the middle of the ocean would be nearly the most terrifying thing possible. On the last day, we went back to Oahu and went to the beach where the bulk of LOST was filmed. Nathan was in heaven. 


Thank you Hawaii for sharing yourself with our family.