Travel: From NC to Hawaii


Hawaii Day 1:

Firstly, this trip would not be possible without Nathan's parents. They are entirely responsible for this once in a lifetime amazing ten days. Thank you Culberson's for loving us so much. 

We woke up early Thursday morning and spent ten hours on airplanes. Nathan was psyched  about free, fancy alcohol on the plane and the food was actually tasty. Hawaii is a six hour time difference from North Carolina, so we got there in the afternoon (It was the strangest and longest day). We wandered around the crowded streets of Honolulu on Oahu the first evening. I went to Honolulu in 5th grade for a dance competition but it was nothing like I remembered.

Things I'll remember about Honolulu: I've never seen so many homeless people sleeping in the parks and on street corners. And I've never seen so many Asians. There are so many tourists on Oahu that most Hawaiians work for tourism companies. Quite a few Hawaiians also talked about rarely if ever visiting the other islands because they couldn't afford to fly and see family. Before, I figured that they island hopped often since they are fairly close (45 minute flight roughly). The Banyan trees are MASSIVE and incredibly beautiful here. I could see why LOST characters liked to hide in them ; )