Travel: Route 66

The view along the road to the Grand Canyon was extraordinary. We could see snow on the mountains behind us but everywhere around us was bright and sunny. We were also excited because Utah was only a couple of hours away from us (one of our favorite places on earth). We listened to Native American group singing, drove through Navajo land, and stared in wonder at the smaller canyons along the road. We arrived at the canyon when the sun cast the prettiest golden light on the rocks. One of my favorite parts was seeing Lisa and Weston's reaction to the Grand Canyon. Nathan really wanted a beer so he went to the gift shop and bought one to drink while looking out over the Canyon. We yelled into the canyon like little kids. We didn't mind though because no one around knew us. One thing I love about Lisa is she doesn't mind being her silly self in public. Nathan and I get so paranoid about people thinking we're weird. Lisa doesn't care one bit and I truly admire her for it. We drove around and stopped at various lookouts for two hours and made our way back to Flagstaff to meet with some friends who were letting us stay with them for the night. The sunset was astounding. I was driving so I asked Nathan to quickly take photos of it out the window. Amaal's family was so kind, they cooked us homemade Indian food for dinner. We ate around the table like a family and Skyped with Amaal so he could 'be with us.' Priya made chicken biryani, homemade chutneys, and a variety of other yummy Indian dishes. I think Nathan ate most of the food.

We woke up to piles of snow outside. We wanted to leave by 9 a.m. so we could make it to Paso Robles that night but it seemed impossible with all of the snow . We showered, Priya made us homemade chai, chapati, and an egg dish for breakfast. We shoveled our cars out of the driveway and anxiously made our way out of the neighborhood. Weston's car got stuck in the deep snow so neighbors came out and helped them. The snow tapered off after awhile and we could finally see the Arizona landscape. In order to get into the state of California, we had to go through a checkpoint where men in uniforms asked us if we were bringing any fruits into the state. We held up a banana that had been sitting on the dashboard the entire trip, he chuckled to himself, and we went on our way. Weston and Nathan in the car behind us held up a clementine and went through the same experience. I guess we didn't  get the point. The mojave desert went on for miles and miles. I thought about how easy California photographers have it. The lighting and landscapes are all so perfect. Lisa really had to pee but there were no rest stops. We listened to Ellie Goulding on repeat. Once we found a bathroom, the sky cleared up and a double rainbow appeared. The trip felt exciting by that point. The snow was behind us and the air smelled fresh. We stopped at a Chevron in Edwards to stretch and take a break. A train passed by and Lisa ran after it. I liked the lighting so I pulled a yellow blanket out of the car and we took some photos while we waited for the guys. The sky was pastel and the air was warm. I ran up to Nathan, excited to see what he thought of California so far. It was his first time visiting and I couldn't wait to show him all of the places with childhood memories. We made it to Paso Robles covered  in beautiful rolling hills close to the coast, and slept like babies.