Travel: Big Sur

I woke up before everyone else because I was so excited to see Big Sur. The hotel breakfast was great. I ate raisin bread toast like I did as a kid and we made our own coffee in the room. Outside was bright, warm and sunny. I wanted to be in the car with N so I could tell him everything about the area. We drove on a road with huge green hills on both sides with the happiest looking cows. Then we were in Cambria and on Highway 1. N said he could live in Cambria. He liked the laid-back small beach town vibe. We stopped at a lookout to run around and take photos of the cliffs. Just below the cliff on the shore were Elephant seals sleeping. I assured Lisa that they weren't dead, they just like the warm sun. Highway 1 in the Big Sur area looked and smelled like the Road to Hana in Maui. Narrow roads, fast drivers, and the smell of fresh flowers. We stopped at Julia Pfeiffer State Park to walk around and see the waterfall. We saw wild mint growing next to the path and we could smell eucalyptus and basil in the air. We walked off of the path under some big trees that framed the cliff. We climbed on the big rocks and enjoyed a private view of the ocean without people around us. Our next stop was Pfeiffer Beach down a hidden road that looked like someones driveway. We made a beautiful grand entrance when our car alarm went off and wouldn't stop. The beach was secluded and felt like old memories at Shelter Cove. The sand had a purple tint and big rocks framed the beach. It started raining and our hair became staticky. We climbed around the big rocks, talked about the crabs and the pretty colors covering the rocks. It was N's first California beach visit and that alone made me feel giddy. We kept driving, ate bell peppers and pecans as snacks. N washed his feet off but I kept the sand on mine as long as I could. I liked my sandy bare feet. We drove through Santa Cruz and stopped at an avocado stand. I bought an entire bag and we ate them like apples. We made it to San Francisco as the sun was setting. We dropped off our things and got cleaned up at our hotel and made our way downtown for dinner. I left my camera in the room because I wanted to enjoy the city by memories without photos. The area we ate was super sketchy. Within a minute of walking, we heard a car alarm go off, a police car siren, saw people rolling joints on the sidewalk, smelled urine, and Lisa and I got hit on. I fully expected our car windows to be broken when we returned. We ate at Lers Ros Thai and filled our tummies with the best thai food we've ever had. I could easily eat the coconut soup every single day. After dinner, we went to Bi-Rite Creamery for some local ice cream. I got creme brûlée and brown sugar ice cream, N ordered orange cardamom. We thought, hey a bar would be fun, so we drove to a place Weston knew about. We ended up leaving because who wants to spend $13 per drink? We decided to go to Whole Foods and take a few drinks back to the hotel room and watch episodes of Portlandia.