Travel: Portland, Oregon



The Werner's Go West Part V

We made it to Portland by late morning so Lisa and Weston could get the keys to their new home. I filmed the Werner's driving up to the house cause I thought it would be a fun memory to look back on. We unpacked their things and danced around the house, so excited for them. To give Lisa and Weston some down time, Nathan and I went downtown to explore the city for the evening. Naturally, we stopped at Stumptown and had delicious coffee made by super hip people. We ate lunch at a new cafe. I ordered a grilled cheese with tomatoes and a butternut squash soup. I liked walking everywhere instead of driving. That's one thing I love about cities with a good downtown. I wanted to go into local shops in Portland so we stopped at a list full. There's no sales tax in Oregon so we took advantage of it and both bought some high quality pieces from Steven Alan, Danner, and Mojave. I saw a local photographer who I GREATLY admire. We were shopping in the same store and I felt like a fan girl but was too shy to say hi. That night we tried to recreate the delicious soup we had in San Francisco. We ate together in the empty living room and I loved how simple life felt. Friends, homemade food, and new beginnings. 

Nathan and I slept on an air mattress in Weston's office space. The room had huge windows so the sunlight woke us up each morning. We explored the city some more after we went on a long walk around the neighborhood and later decided that the bright yellow wall in the house needed to go so we repainted and super cleaned. Nathan and I love house projects. I think we would both happily redecorate and fix up homes on a regular basis. It was also so rewarding to help Lisa and Weston get settled in. There's nothing like seeing your friends excited. 

On our last day in Oregon, we drove to Cannon Beach. The weather was warm and sunny which meant everyone who lives in Oregon thought Cannon Beach was a great idea as well. It was the perfect way to end our trip. The next morning we woke up super early to catch our flight and saw the sunrise over Mt. Hood and Mt. Rainier through our plane window. What a beautiful beautiful trip.