Travel: New York City




My sweet friend, Brooklyn asked me if I wanted to go on a trip with her to NYC. I've been to the city before but never stayed in it to really explore. Of course I said yes and a few weeks later we were on a Greyhound for many hours. I've never used Greyhound before and didn't really know what to expect. It ended up being fantastic and so cheap (even though sleeping on the bus was rather difficult). We stayed in an adorable Airbnb in Brooklyn that was right next to a great coffee and pastry shop. I really enjoyed Brooklyn. Especially the Brooklyn flea market where I got a great dress for $5. I also saw one of my favorite shoe makers, Ninaznyc with a booth at the flea market. Seriously cute shoes. I experienced my first subway transportation and we got thoroughly lost multiple times. Thankfully by the end of our trip we generally knew what we were doing.

We went to the MoMA and explored the huge space for hours. I was in dream land when I saw paintings by my favorite Gustav Klimt. We also saw famous pieces by Picasso and Van Gogh which was unreal. We rode bikes through Central Park, made new friends, and gulped down as much water as we could since it was so hot outside. I experienced my first broadway show and holy moly! It was incredible. We spent one of the days in Soho which I really enjoyed. I got to run around in my favorite yarn shop ( we had fresh pressed juice at Serendipity T and ate the most delicious lunch at The Butcher's Daughter. One of my favorite people from Asheville, Sarah, moved to the city last year and we got to spend the day with her. It was so nice being in the city with someone who knew their way around. We went to Chinatown, ate perfect cupcakes at Molly's Cupcakes, played in the water at Washington Square Park and Sarah broke her sandal so we took a cab around instead of walking.

One of my favorite spots was Bryant Park. We spent a long time admiring the library and people watching. Around sunset we took a ferry ride to Queens to see where Sarah worked. The ferry was one of the highlights of our trip. We went to the top of the deck where we could run around and look at the water and city. That night we experienced Shake Shack and delicious Thai food at Tuk Tuk. The following day, we rode bikes across the Brooklyn Bridge and around the city some more. I loved biking around the city and it was so cheap. 

Overall, it was so beautiful and going with Brooklyn made it even better. Brooklyn is so brave and she helps me not be afraid of getting in trouble for breaking the rules. Like climbing into water fountains and being super spontaneous. Next time, I will only bring the most comfortable shoes, I won't wear white and I'll go in Fall, early Winter or Spring to avoid the insane heat and humidity. 

(Some photos above were taken by Brooklyn Baker (