Personal: Around The Home


I miss snapping moments of home and reflecting on them. I have a hard time separating personal life and business life. All of my business classes and professional helpers this year say I need to keep those spaces separate but I miss the rawness. So here is to sharing little bits of home and story and doing what makes my heart happy on my blog again.  

This year has been insane. Easily one of the most difficult I've ever had and I'm having a tough time recovering. I called this year, The Year of Business, and I think I've forgotten a lot of myself along the way. This season, I'm slowing down (after the wedding editing is finished) and I'm going to spend some serious time resting, checking in with myself and seeing what needs to change.

This Summer, we heard about the Enneagram, a personality type test that delves (deep) into the nine different personalities that exist (in Western culture). I have a degree in Psychology and have a natural love for personality related fun but this one is a game changer. I have never felt so known, vulnerable and helped in my entire life.

My husband, closest friends, and family have all been intrigued by it and I feel like we all love each other better because of it. I am a 3 wing 4 (if you look it up, you'll know what these mean) and as an average 3, I am very out of touch with my feelings and I have a hard time resting because I'm so absorbed in success and work and how people see me. It's hard for me to be known and for people to get to know me because I only present 'the perfect' to people and myself. I don't let myself be honest out of a deep fear of people rejecting me.

This is all super deep and personal but I want to share because it has helped me so much. SO much. You can take a free online test here but I do recommend reading the book to dig much deeper and have a better understanding. I took the online test and it was only partially accurate but still very helpful. 

In other news, we went on a fun two-week road trip to Utah, Arizona and Colorado about a month ago and I will share photos and stories from it all soon. We took Nathan's parents out there with us and camped across the desert, hiking lots, learning the history, and feeling refreshed. I look forward to slowing down and spending more time in this blog space like I did years ago.