Thimble The Bunny



I've been obsessed with rabbits since childhood. We grew up wth them, I had a bunny-themed bedroom (heck yes) and I saved the name Thimble when I was a kid for my first own rabbit. My family surprised me with Thimble two years ago as a gift for graduating from college. I was photographing a wedding and my little sister called me saying, "Sadie! Do you think Nathan would be okay if we got you a bunny?" I was scared he would say no, so I said yes without making sure it was cool. Thankfully N loves Thimble (almost) as much as I do.

I thought it would be fun to share what it's like living with this little man, from his daily routine to fun facts about him. House rabbits are the greatest. He makes us laugh constantly and has so much personality. Continue reading below for the goods.






Thimble is a potty-trained Lionhead dwarf rabbit. I think he is also partially Angora because he is insanely soft and has longer fur than most Lionheads. He potty-trained himself! He has a litter box, like a cat would and he takes care of business all in one place. He is so clean (other than when he is playing and tearing apart cardboard or throwing hay), he smells good, and he essentially takes care of himself. Rabbits eat mostly fresh hay. I buy it locally by the bale so it's like $8 for 4 months worth. He also eats rabbit pellets and occasionally fresh veggies like cilantro, carrot tops, and basil. It's a stereotype that rabbits can eat a lot of carrots. It's a rare treat since they aren't very good for him. He LOVES apples. It's insane. A friend came over who bit into an apple, Thimble came running jumped up in our friend's face and starting eating the apple with him. Bunny crack. At night, he sleeps in a large cage that has a cardboard box, his litter box and some toys. He spends all of the day time running around the house. Rabbits are very social and get depressed when they stay in cages. Dwarf rabbits can live anywhere from 5-10 years depending on how well you take care of them.





Every rabbit has a different personality, just like dogs. I got Thimble when he was a baby and he has been handled nonstop so he is great with people and insanely domestic. He doesn't bite, unless he is really scared or I'm not giving him enough space. They're sweet bites though, like 'leave me alone, please;' nothing that hurts. He has the most energy in the morning and at night. He spends most of the day sleeping. In the morning, he will find a way to get out of his cage and either jump on me to wake me up or scratch on the door if it's closed. When he's really happy, he does bunny dancing. It's hilarious, you should watch videos of it online. He licks me to show affection and will curl up next to me or nuzzle his face in my hand. He also purrs. It sounds different than cat purrs, it sounds more like teeth chattering.

He is very shy when people come over to visit and definitely shows way more personality when he is alone with us. He plays favorites (I am his favorite). I will call him, lay on the floor or just sit on the couch and he will come running to me. He loves N too but doesn't show as much affection towards him. Other than that, he doesn't show much affection. He is definitely like a cat in that manner. He likes alone time and is super independent, but I like it because he can entertain himself while I'm working from home. He can jump super high. Like stupid high. He probably weighs two pounds and he can easily clear 3 1/2 ft tall cages and furniture. When he is chilling, he will completely sprawl out on the floor with his legs straight out behind him. It's so great.





Thimble loves routine. Every morning, he starts with dancing, cuddling and begging for breakfast. He eats his food in like three seconds and then wants more. Always. When I'm getting ready, he will follow me around the house, lick my feet and want attention. He will hop down the stairs and peek over the ledge if he hears me opening the fridge (to him it means treats). He hates the hardwood floors downstairs so he will crawl along the sides where his body is touching the wall. He tries to eat my house plants (hide them) loves exploring under the bed, under the couch, and in small spaces. He rubs his chin on everything as a way of marking his scent.  He loves jumping into boxes and tearing them apart. It's also hilarious when we put food on his head and he can't find it. He is like a little kid when I take him outside. He LOVES it. I get kind of nervous because we don't have a fence and dogs live in the neighborhood so it doesn't happen very often but I love how happy it makes him. He'll prance around and eat every green thing in sight. Even though he is fast, I never worry about him running away when we're outside. He is so domestic I don't think he knows he's a rabbit. Plus he loves food so I'll shake his food bag and he'll come running to me without hesitation. He occasionally gets the hiccups! It's the cutest thing in the world. I love him so much.

If you are considering getting a house-rabbit, please contact me. I would love to help and tell you all there is to know. A great online resource on house rabbits can be found here.