Out West Part III


Page, Arizona

We were here when we found out about the election and through the intense tears and pain, we found a lot of joy in the sunset. It literally lasted around 45 minutes. Nathan and I went off by ourselves to spend time by the water and watch the colors change. There was an adorable high school couple who wanted me to take photos of them with their phone. Seeing their happiness together made the moments even more special. 


We made a quick stop at Mesa Verde, a place I have been wanting to visit for years. Unfortunately, most trails were closed because of weather and rock falls but we still got to see this little section of houses. I romanticize this culture and way of living and find it so extraordinarily beautiful. 


Great Sand Dunes

Sadie Culberson Studios Sand Dunes

On our way home, we stopped at Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado for an editorial photo shoot I was asked to do. It ended up not working out at all because I didn't plan light well but hey, it was fun (and freezing in a dress) and I love this place. Happy trip.