Wedding Details Part II

Please fill out these last few questions and details at least one week before the wedding day. If we have already discussed a topic, you do not need to fill out the answer. Thank you!

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Along with this form, please email a copy of:

  • The wedding timeline (if this hasn't already been sent).
  • A family photos list for the bride's side and the groom's side. Please keep this list efficient so family photos can be 30 minutes or less.
  • Any additional photo requests. Please keep this list to a minimum since the photography team prefers working with the unique lighting and dynamic of the couple's day rather than recreating other couple's wedding photos. The photography team cannot guarantee that all of the photos on this requested list will be delivered in the final image collection. 

Please have the wedding dress hanger gathered with the shoes, jewelry, both rings, the invitation (if responsible for bringing) and the wedding dress in one place before the photography team arrives. These details will be photographed first. 


Please provide the distance from the ceremony site and an address if applicable.
Please provide the distance from the ceremony site and an address if applicable.
If applicable, is there a specific place you would like the first look?
Are you all friends? Are you all silly or more serious?
This person knows each family well and can help me gather family members efficiently during family photo time. Someone with a louder voice is preferable.
Location preferences are not required, the photographer can decide based on lighting.