Reading these words is very important if you are wanting to collaborate on your wedding day. I want nothing more than for the perfect match; me in my element and you two absolutely ecstatic about your wedding photography experience. I throw my heart into my work and deeply care about these aspects of the weddings I photograph. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your time and for considering me as a friend and potential artist on your abounding, exquisite day. 


I love when the wedding day reflects you two and is unique because of that. I like weird, I like different, I like breaking trends and doing what feels right. I deeply care about quality over quantity and ethical resources. I love when friends contribute by cooking healthy food for everyone and when the venue itself feels refreshing and inspiring. I love when the speeches are an hour long because the couple has influenced so many people. I love sneaking away from the celebration to capture a few photos in your favorite reading nook or under the tree where you were engaged or on the rooftop overlooking the city.  

This is why I capture weddings. To capture you and create art out of your expansive, important moments in this tiny spec of time we exist.

I want the day to be perfect, and perfect to me must involve: minimalism, extreme attention to detail, good architecture, and a close knit community of people celebrating with you. I expand in real life, in the tears, the soft touches you give each other, in the slowing down to make your first dance together longer because you couldn't care less about sticking to a strict schedule. I contract when I am given a long list of photos and poses to capture, along with demanding expectations; when I'm a vendor and not a friend. When I have an insanely strict timeline to follow and when I am working in a space with poor design and lighting, the final photos are compromised.  I don't like to create photos for you under stress. You are investing so much in this work and it deserves to be great. In the end, the photos are what you will have to remember every detail. The demands and production of a vendor relationship prevent me from being able to capture your day as well as I can. 

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Who I Am For 

I am the photographer for the minimalists, nature lovers and artists who value experiencing memories that are honest. I am for art gallery enthusiasts (please get married in one, the light is perfect). I am for the weirdos and the calm-spirited. I like contemplative music (I also like dance music because who doesn't like to dance?). I love when grandparents are involved (my grandmas are two of my biggest inspirations and some of my absolute favorite people on the planet). I like refined taste. I like paper and good graphic design. I like modern architecture. I like white. I like spontaneity. I like taking things slow and enjoying the moment. I like weddings where everyone contributes to making the day special. I am for gardens, rooftops, non-venue-looking venues, under bridges and quaint little homes. I am for creating wedding days that feel uplifting and easy going, yet styled and elegant. I am for lots of candles around the dinner table and jumping in the lake after the wedding. I am for pure, life-changing love. If you relate, then let's create wedding photos together. You will be happy and I will be happy and this is how I want to live my life. Click the button below, friend.


Who I Am Not For

I share this to help you find someone else who will be a much better fit for your day than me. I am not for the vendor lists or the production. I am not for church weddings. There is nothing wrong with marriage in a church - I find that dim light and strict rules always limit the quality of photos I'm able to take. I am not the photographer for barn weddings, pavilions, dark venues or clubs. Nor am I for traditional southern weddings or large parties. I am not for the couple wanting to look anything other than themselves on their wedding day. I am not for rushed schedules or fake flowers. I am not for those who want to be perfectly posed or expect me to mimic a certain style of another artist. A Pinterest list of required poses will not do. I can only be me, and that is how I take photos best. Please share your vision with me if you need advice on other photographers who may be a perfect fit for you. I am so happy to help you find someone for your day. Remember, always choose a photographer who resembles you, shares similar values, and you will love the photos they deliver. Please don't hesitate to contact me at if you need recommendations.